How to install in Kali Linux?

How to install mssqlclient in kali linux is one of the many scripts included in impacket repository, which is a collection of python classes to work with network protocols. is an MSSQL client that supports SQL and Windows authentications and also, hashes! In addition to that, it also supports TLS.

Now let’s see how to install in Kali Linux step by step.

As I mentioned above, is one of the many scripts of impacket repository. So, we need to clone the repository in our system in order to use And even before that, we need to check if python is installed in our system or not. (In most cases, python will be there in the system already.)

Install in Kali Linux

So, to install both version of python (just to be fail safe!) run following command as root:

pkg install python

pkg install python2

Clone impacket repository from git using following command.

git clone

Now, run following command to change directory to impacket and to install requirements.txt

cd impacket

pip install -r requirements.txt

Just in case, if you run into some problem, run following commands.

pkg install pyhton2

pip2 install -r requirements.txt

Now, run following command.

python install

To access, run following command

cd examples


Now, here if you run into problem, then go back one directory and run with pyhton2. (In short, run following commands!)

cd ..

python2 install

Now, again go to examples directory to access (Again, just run following commands.)

cd examples


That’s all! You have successfully installed impacket module and accessed Enjoy!

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