Google Tricks-Fun with Google Doodles, games & more!

Google-a fun tool

Are you bored? Do you want to have some fun with Google? What if I tell you that you can play games on google(in the browser!). There are many Google doodles and games available to fresh your mood. Search below terms or click on titles to play games with Google and explore amazing doodles!

Google games and tricks:

1. Flip a coin:
  • Do you want to flip a coin and currently out of coins? Don’t worry! Google will do it for you.
2. Do a barrel roll:
3. Google in 1998:
  • Just search this term and take a look at the old version of Google.
4. Tic tac toe:
5. Askew:
  • Want to tilt the screen? Try this one!
6. Google Pacman:
  • Pacman game as a doodle.
7. Atari Breakout:
  • There is another game waiting for you by Google. Enjoy it!

NOTE: Search Atari Breakout in Google image.

Google doodles:

Type below terms in google and click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’.

Now, what if your browser doesn’t have this option?! Don’t panic! Just search below terms in google and open the first link(which shouldn’t be an ad!) from search results.

8. Google sphere:
  • Want to rotate google as a glob? Search this term and make it happen!
9. Google gravity:

Power of Newton’s law on Google!

10. Google underwater:

Google just learned to swim!

11. Google guitar:

Get ready to play the guitar with Google!

12. Google snake:
  • A snake game is there for you!

13. Google zipper:

Keep opening Google’s zip!

14. Google terminal:

Google as a terminal! It won’t work as it’s just a Google doodle. Still, cool…right?!

Thanks for reading the article. I hope you liked it and will have fun with these Google doodles and other google games and tricks. Share it with your friends and let them know about these amazing google games and tricks too!

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