Electricity bill scam | How to protect yourself?

Electricity bill scam

There are many ways through which scammers steal money from normal working people. To mention a few, amazon scams, Netflix scams, Paytm scams, and many more. Also, there are fake buyers/sellers on OLX!

Well, as that is not enough, the scammers have come up with one more type of scam to ruin our life! It is called an “Electricity bill scam”.

We will discuss two main points here. So without further due, let’s start!

  1. What is an electricity bill scam?
  2. How to identify and protect yourself from this scam?

What is an Electricity bill scam?

An electricity bill scam is a kind of scam in which the scammers send an SMS to the victim stating their electricity bill is pending. They must clear the bill or the electricity will be cut. Now the SMS might contain a link for payment or a number of the scammer who convinces the victim to pay the bill amount.

This electricity bill scam has been going on for a while now. Scammers managed to steal a good amount of money from many users.

Recently I got a message with a fake message that includes a mobile number of a scammer (that we will prove soon is a scammer!)

Below are the messages from the scammers.

These scam incidents were mainly conducted from Jamtara in Jharkhand including a few more states like West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. As per reports, cybercrime officials have busted people behind this scam from a district in Jharkhand. But that does not mean that these incidents will not happen again! The screenshots above are examples of the same as I got the SMS just two days ago!

How to protect yourself from this scam?

If you get this kind of message, first check the number in Truecaller. If people have reported that number as spam then that is it! No need to call the number.

As you can see, upon checking the above-mentioned numbers in Truecaller, it is clear that this is a scam!

What if the number is not reported as spam? In that case, first, check with the electricity board and confirm if you have any payment pending or not. Now, even if you have any payment pending, do not call on the number that you got. I repeat, DO NOT CALL!

Also, if there is a link in the message to proceed with the payment, do not click on that link, even if your bill is pending!

In case of any actual pending payment, consider paying the bill in your usual way.

I hope you found this information helpful. If so, consider sharing this knowledge with your friends and family to protect them from such scams and be a hero! Especially, if you are a youngster, share this information with your parents and elderly people to make them aware of this scam.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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