Advanced Google search! How to Google like a pro?

Advanced Google search

often face problems while surfing the internet. Sometimes we don’t get proper results from Google according to our needs which is quite irritating. How to get rid of this problem? How to do the advanced google search? Is there any solution to google like a pro?

Well, if you have the same questions then the answer is here for you! Yes! you can find exactly what you want from Google.

Advanced Google Search:

We can get search results according to our needs with the help of google dorks which are used for advanced google search. There are also a few more Goole tricks that will be helpful while searching on google.  Read the below article and it will be easy for you to find out necessary things instead of other useless stuff.

Useful dorks

1. “Search a phrase”
  • Use quotations(” “) to search any phrase with multiple words accurately.

2. +Search
  • Use plus(+) sign to include any particular word in your search results.

3. -Search
  • Use hyphen(-) sign to exclude any particular word from your search results.

4. ∼Search
  • Use tilde(∼) sign to search not only particular word but also related results to that word.

5. * Search
  • Use asterisk(*) sign in place of the unknown term while searching.

6. Word1 OR Word2
  • Use OR operator to get information about either one or another word in search results.

NOTE: Operator OR must be in capital letters.

7. filetype:
  • Use filetype: to search the files of specific file types. 

8. intitle:
  • Use intitle: to search a word in the title of the search results.

9. allintitle:
  • Use allintitle: to search multiple words in the title of the search results.

10. inurl:
  • Use inurl: to search a word in the URL of the search results.

11. allinurl:
  • Use allinurl: to search multiple words in the URL of the search results.

12. intext:
  • Use intext: to get a specific term in the pages of search results.

13. allintext:
  • Use allintext: to get multiple words altogether in the pages of search results.

14. site:
  • Use site: to get results from certain domains.

15. -site:
  • Use -site: to exclude any particular domain from the search results.

16. define:
  • Use define: and then write any word. It will provide a definition of that word.

17. related:
  • Use related: to find out the results related to the search term.

18. cache:
  • Use cache: to get the recently saved file of any site.

19. stocks:
  • Use stocks: to get information about stocks of any company.

Few more Google tricks: 

1. weather <city>
  • To find the weather in any city worldwide.

2. time <city>
  • To find the current time of any city.

3. sunrise/sunset <city>
  • To find sunrise or sunset time of any particular city.

NOTE: We can also use postal code instead of the city name in the above three searches.

4. <equation>
  • To get the answer to any equation.

5. <amount + unit 1> to <unit 2>
  • To convert one unit to another.

6. translate <word> to <language>
  • To translate any word of any language to any other language.

7. <end 1>..<end 2>
  • To get search results for a specific number range.

8. <flight number>
  • To get status about any particular flight.

9. <tracking number of a package>
  • To track a package that will be arriving.
  • Just type tracking number and hit enter.

NOTE: It works only if you have used a popular carrier that provides a tracking facility.

10. My IP
  • To find out your public IP address.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope it helped you and you are ready for an advanced google search! 

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Still, if you have any queries, feel free to comment down below. Also, If you found this article helpful, then please share it with your friends and family as a thumbs up for my effort and let also them be experts in advanced google search!

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9 thoughts on “Advanced Google search! How to Google like a pro?”

  1. Hey Techules 👋
    You’ve done an amazing job explaining about the advanced google search parameters which help us in getting the desired google search results.
    Theses are called Google Dorks and I’ve also come accross these recently and I must tell you that these dorks save a lot of time and quickly fetches the Google SERP for what we are actually looking for in google.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing resource.

    Tarun Kashyap

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